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Clarifying Recent Newsweek Coverage on Eritrea

Newsweek’s hasty comparisons display the poor state of reporting and understanding about Eritrea
Misrepresenting Eritrea. Newsweek’s hasty comparisons – and the broader inaccurate, reductive narrative on Eritrea – display the poor state of reporting and understanding about Eritrea. Proper understanding of Eritrea requires a more grounded, objective, contextual approach and balanced coverage and should avoid one-sided, biased portrayals that resort to simplified, clichéd perspectives and poorly crafted comparisons.


Last week, Newsweek published an article about Eritrea decrying the internal situation in the country. As has become so common with reports on Eritrea, the article was heavily biased, overly simplistic, filled with stereotypes, and devoid of context, ultimately serving to poignantly encapsulate how coverage of the country is so problematic.

Lacking originality or accuracy, the article frames Eritrea alongside North Korea. In recent years, it has become quite common to see Eritrea, a young, low-income, developing country located within the volatile Horn of Africa region, derogatorily described as secretive, the “North Korea of Africa,” or even the “hermit kingdom.” Continue reading Clarifying Recent Newsweek Coverage on Eritrea

Politicking Eritrean Cycling Success

The mainstream media has been unfairly allergic to Eritrea’s chronicles in the arena of sport, especially cycling. If politics and sport mix, no one wins. Whether the western media like it or not, the stories of Eritrea’s success in sport will be told over and over again and in the end the whole world will see the true image of Eritrea through its indomitable athletes.

By Yosief Abraham Z.,

It has been already informed the commencement of the 2016 Tour of Eritrea and amid the various media-outlets tides concerning Eritrea, unintentional activities of propagating Eritrea’s chronicles in the arena of sport with political matters have been common.

Starting from Sudan Tribune which abandoned celebrating Eritrea’s inescapable success with its report of “Young flee to neighbor country” while Eritrea was shining in Tour de France last year, others like the Washington Post also delved deep to join the trick of politicking even attractive sport activities for entertaining their own agenda. Continue reading Politicking Eritrean Cycling Success

WATCH: Politicizing Eritrean Migration

By The Wrong Kind of Green,

Coverage of Eritrean migration has been highly politicized leading to much confusion on the issue. Journalists usually quote suspected traffickers and/or activists with declared “regime change” agenda for their perspectives on conditions inside Eritrea and these accounts are then used to present a “human rights” case against the country. Continue reading WATCH: Politicizing Eritrean Migration