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Eritrea’s Unexploited Fishing Treasures: Challenges and Opportunities

With 1200km of Red Sea coastline and more than 359 islands, Eritrea has major fish resources. It traditionally exports fish as well as shrimp, around 10 tonnes a year, to Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Greece. From 2010 on wards, the Government make export of marine products to Europe a priority following the major investments made in the past decade in new factories, fishing vessels and landing sites. Eritrea need to win back fish export markets by identifying potentials and resolving the challenges. [SFP]
By Yosief Abraham Z.,

After a new era has signaled on May 24 of 1991, soon, developmental endeavors started storming the country ubiquitously. Following to the establishment of a government body to look and run after the Eritrean maritime treasures at the Ministry level, by the same coin, researches published to usher that the Eritrean Red Sea is well treasured with a capacity carrying out 60 – 80,000 tons fish annually.  Continue reading Eritrea’s Unexploited Fishing Treasures: Challenges and Opportunities