Eritrean Delegation Statement on SR UN HRC53 Report

UN HRC53: Eritrean Delegation Statement

At the UN HRC53, Special Rapporteur continues to recycle fallacious reports, innuendos, and accusations from dubious sources without proper validation of their veracity. Mr. President, Eritrea celebrated its 32nd independence Anniversary on 24 May last month. The almost two-weeks long, vibrant, celebrations all over the country and the Diaspora were more extensive and spectacular by […]

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Representing Eritrea: Geopolitics and Narratives of Oppression

Tanja R. Müller from the School of Environment and Development, Global Development Institute, and Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute, University of Manchester, Manchester, UK have the following interrogation against the geopolitics and narratives of oppression in relation to Eritrea and how those feed into a wider conceptualization that regards Eritrea as the main source of […]

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