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Happy Birthday Beloved Eritrea

Happy 29th Birthday Eritrea
Never forget the sacrifices paid to protect Eritrea as a sovereign nation. Happy 29th Independence Anniversary to all proud citizens of this free and glorious nation.


As we zoom in to celebrate the 29th Independence Day of our beloved country, we are reminded of the sacrifice paid by our fallen heroes and heroines and the precious treasure they have left behind for inheritance.

The celebration of our independence day is therefore not only a privilege we enjoy as proud citizens of a free and sovereign nation, but is also an honor conferred for their stoic deeds and heroism as well as the occasion to lionize them most. Continue reading Happy Birthday Beloved Eritrea

Tiffanny Haddish: “The World Needs to Know How Amazing Eritrea Is”

“I don’t want to have to ask permission to come and see my people. I want to come when I want to come to be with my people” – Actress and Author Tiffanny Haddish

“One of my goals is to come here and make some good line of movies …to make sure the world can see … We got great stories to tell that the world needs to know about” – Tiffany Haddish


No introduction needed to who she is. After her first visit last year, the Black Unicorn is back to celebrate the 28th Independence celebrations with her people in Eritrea. Ever since her recent re-connection with her Eritrean heritage, Tiffany has proudly been in-touch with her Eritrean side. Continue reading Tiffanny Haddish: “The World Needs to Know How Amazing Eritrea Is”