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Where is ESAT re: Erroneous Map of Ethiopia?

Amhara elites repeatedly offending Eritreans by incorporating Eritrean map into Ethiopia
Eritrea’s sovereignty and independence are sacrosanct!! However, ‘some’ Amhara elites are yet trying to re-write our history through the deliberate promotion of anti-Eritrean statehood maps and interviews. But why? Can ESAT play a positive role in this?

Dear ESAT (Ethiopia Satellite Television & Radio),


My name is Araia G. Ephrem, and I’m an Eritrean-American living in California, USA. I am one of the many Eritrean-Americans who supported ESAT since its inception. Also, I was a contributor in ECADF political PalTalk chat room. Continue reading Where is ESAT re: Erroneous Map of Ethiopia?