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The Patience and Perseverance of Eritreans

Faith gives Eritreans perseverance, might and courage.

The faith of Eritreans is demonstrated by the unswerving support to their government, astonishing unity and submission to the will of the nation.


Bronwyn Bruton (2016), in her article ‘Eritrea: Coming In from the Cold’, has tried to explain the conduct of Eritreans in the following words: “Eritreans across the world, whether or not they support the government, demonstrate a strong sense of national identity and display pride in their country.”

Every Eritrean has unwavering support for and confidence in the government. The power of their faith in the government enables them to wait with patience. Overtime Eritreans have developed a common attitude of “There is more to life than moving fast.” Continue reading The Patience and Perseverance of Eritreans