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Eritrean Politics, ‘Opposition’ and their Self Defeating Scenarios

I'm Selam Kidane: The Confused, Self-Serving, Pro-Ethio-Unity "Eritrean Activist
Is she Confused or Demented? Be the judge!

By Selam Kidane,

… is anyone else thinking that Eritrean poletika is really a conspiracy to confuse commentators?

Why else would there be three festivals, four feuds and several launches of projects taking place all at the same time… and that is without including the numerous calls for financial assistance?

… Honestly I really don’t blame the great majority of sane Eritreans ignoring the lot of us and leaving us all to fight it off amidst ourselves and call them when we embark on ‘deposing the dictator

… being involved in Eritrean politics used to be a dilemma because it got you and potentially your family in danger’s way … that was when we believed the myth about the length of the revolution’s arm!  Continue reading Eritrean Politics, ‘Opposition’ and their Self Defeating Scenarios