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Nipsey Hussle is in Eritrea (Interview)

“You might think money is important but it’s the togetherness and families being tight that make life better”

“You might have the material advantage in America but life is not all about that. The sense of family, peace, and respect is alive out here in Eritrea.”


Eritrean American recording artist and entrepreneur Ermias Asghedom, better known by his stage name, Nipsey Hussle, is one of the few success stories of rappers turned into inspiring entrepreneurs. Continue reading Nipsey Hussle is in Eritrea (Interview)

The Return of Kahsay Berhe – the Superstar

‘Nothing is good once away from home. But now, I am back and feeling better, so I will be working on my new CD.’


To the youth of the 90’s he is the utmost superstar. After a glamorous journey as a pop singer, he had fallen sick in mid 2000s and has been away in Europe for medical purposes. He returned home for the 26th Independence Day Anniversary; and wow, what an emotional and massive homecoming?! It made him “grateful for his life” in his own words. Continue reading The Return of Kahsay Berhe – the Superstar