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You Are TPLF Woyane, Not ‘Eritrean Opposition’ 

The anti-Eritrean camp that operated as “Eritrean Opposition” is, in fact, anti-Eritrea because they stand against everything that Eritrea stands for.

If the so-called “Eritrean Opposition” speaks like TPLF woyane, acts like TPLF woyane and work like TPLF woyane, then they probably are TPLF woyane.


Between 1998-2000, over 80,000 Eritreans were forcibly evicted from their homes and deported from Ethiopia by Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) [aka Woyane] in the most horrible ways. Children, elderly, and the very sick were forced to travel hundreds of kilometers via treacherous routs to be thrown away on the hottest parts of the world only because the minority regime from Tigray decided to teach Eritreans. Continue reading You Are TPLF Woyane, Not ‘Eritrean Opposition’ 

Mirjam van Reisen and Martin Plaut: Incubators of Terror

Mirjam Van Reisen and Martin Plaut, the two unsavoury surrogates of violence, have for long been working to see a rampant criminality and violence within Eritrean Diaspora communities. With a veil of journalism and human rights activism, they have been encouraging violence; as such, they are essentially incubators of terror. That is precisely why Eritreans across the board are calling for proactive measures within the bounds of law.


When a highly-motivated group of young Eritreans, organized by YPFDJ were gathering for an annual conference from across Europe with a youthful fervour and a sense of duty to themselves, their respective communities and the motherland, they came across an unpleasant surprise stashed in an Easter basket, not of the M & M chocolate bunny, but of an organized intimidation, packaged with “human rights” glossy wrap, by non-other than Mirjam Van Reisen and Martin Plaut. Continue reading Mirjam van Reisen and Martin Plaut: Incubators of Terror

In Search of an Appropriate Politics for Eritreans in Diaspora

Let’s not be a nation divided into supporters and opponents of the government. We all have a duty to work together for the betterment of the nation. In the meantime, let’s make the distinction between those who are genuine and sincerely concerned about the welfare of the people and the country from those who thrive through chaos and misery of our people and deliberately collaborate and sympathize with the enemy to prolong the suffering.

By Tesfa G. Gebremedhin (PhD),

POLITICS is a noble profession. However, politics is a very sensitive and delicate matter among Eritreans in Diasporas because we are not reasonably open-minded to discuss the political issues and situations in Eritrea. It is evident that we do not know much of politics. It is misleading to think that we know politics because we read the current news and views on the Internet regularly. The fact is that we do not read and learn how to learn politics and as a result we cannot make proper and critical analysis of political issues based on hard facts and figures. We cannot pretend to be politicians simply by carrying banners and posters with political slogans and protesting or picketing on the sidewalks or street corners. It does not make us national political heroes merely by conducting endless meetings and fruitless conferences in an enemy territory. Thus, it is an alarming situation to observe the way the political instruments are played to the Eritreans in Diasporas by the two political groups classified as the “opposition groups” and the “pro-government group“. Continue reading In Search of an Appropriate Politics for Eritreans in Diaspora