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Ethiopia Reportedly Ready to Capture Assab Port

Assab Port
If war with Eritrea was difficult yesterday, it is indeed impossible today

By Indian Ocean Newsletter,

A new border conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea could soon be triggered over the port of Assab according to the Indian Ocean Newsletter.

As reported, the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Meles Chenawi, is strongly tempted to put his recent public threat into practice. This threat, which he levels against President Issayas Afeworki of Eritrea, would consist of providing Ethiopian backing for Eritrean opponents.

According to information obtained by The Indian Ocean Newsletter, some Eritrean rebels and an amount of military equipment are being grouped for this purpose at Mille, a small township in Eastern Ethiopia, situated near the Djibouti and Eritrean borders. Continue reading Ethiopia Reportedly Ready to Capture Assab Port