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Another Civil War Looming in the Horn of Africa

The US and other donor countries have been largely silent about the brutal killing of over 500 peaceful protesters, presumably in part due to the Ethiopian government’s strategic relationships on security and peacekeeping. But these strategic relations can be better served by a stable and democratic government rather than a fragile and autocratic regime, which is most likely to fall soon under the weight of people’s insurrection.

By Dawit Giorgis,

A civil war, and possibly genocide, is in the making in the Horn of Africa, in Ethiopia. The most recent events characterized by regular countrywide demonstrations in defiance of a government ban, by the two largest ethnic groups, the Oromos and the Amharas, have demonstrated once again the power of a marginalized majority to wreak havoc and paralyze the country despite the state’s brutal response.

Ethiopia’s minority ethnic group, the Tigrai, which comprises less than six percent of the population of ninety million, has ruled the country with an iron-fist for 25 years. As was the case in Rwanda decades ago, the accumulated anger directed at this minority group is likely to explode and result in a human catastrophe with serious implications on regional stability. Continue reading Another Civil War Looming in the Horn of Africa