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Don’t Forget Ethiopia Starvation Risk: NGO

The Menschen für Menschen charity has said 5.7 million Ethiopians could die of a lack of food. Part of the problem is that other countries are faring even worse and thus getting most of the publicity.

Ethiopia is still reeling from effects of the 2015 drought. This year, some 6% of the population suffers from chronic food shortages. The ideal is for Ethiopians to be self-reliant in the future. But when and how?


Some 6 percent of Ethiopia’s population of 98 million suffers from food shortages resulting from a catastrophic drought in the eastern African country. But that doesn’t qualify as a risk of famine for the United Nations, which defines the term as 20 percent of a country’s population having fewer than 2,100 kilocalories of nutrition per day. Continue reading Don’t Forget Ethiopia Starvation Risk: NGO