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Eritrea’s Ports, Ethiopia’s Famine – Surely Mr. Cohen

Eritrean ports for camelsBy Berhane Andeberhan (PhD),

Surely, Ambassador Herman Cohen would like to see a quick end to the famine in Ethiopia.  Surely he would love to see the peoples of Eritrea and Ethiopia live in harmony as good neighbours peacefully interacting with each other and even helping each other and sharing their natural resources.  Eritrea and the whole world should come to the aid of Ethiopia and rally to forestall famine and hopefully prevent its recurrence.

Mr. Cohen states that the “Ethiopian famine that is just over the horizon will require the use of Eritrean ports”. The seemingly condescending tone of his “recommendations” appears to go beyond a humanitarian concern and exhibits glaring omissions and glosses over some significant issues.  His suggestions raise many questions that one cannot easily overlook when considering what he must clearly be aware of; namely, the unfortunately complicated situation between the two countries. Continue reading Eritrea’s Ports, Ethiopia’s Famine – Surely Mr. Cohen

Eritrea Will not Face Any Food Crisis: President

Thanks to our judicious policy and bolstering of strategic food reserves, food crisis will not happen in Eritrea.


Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki on Saturday dismissed fears the Horn of African nation faces a food crisis, despite sweeping drought across the wider region leaving millions in need of aid.

Floods and failed rains caused by the El Nino weather phenomenon have sparked a dramatic rise in the number of people going hungry in east Africa.

But Eritrea has long rejected UN food aid in favour of a policy of self reliance, and President Isaias said he was not worried.

“In view of the harvest shortfall that has affected the whole Horn of Africa region, President Isaias stated that the country will not face any crisis in spite of reduced agricultural output,” the information ministry said, after he was interviewed by state-run media.  Continue reading Eritrea Will not Face Any Food Crisis: President

Ethiopia Hunger Reaches Emergency Levels

Ethiopia’s troubles come at a time when the world is already responding to a number of major food and humanitarian crises elsewhere. (Photo: Tesfaye / UNICEF Ethiopia)

By Codi Kozacek | for Circle of Blue,

The first three months of 2016 will be critical for providing food and water aid to Ethiopia, where swathes of the country are reeling under the worst drought in 50 years. In some areas, food insecurity has reached emergency levels, and at least 15 million people in Ethiopia will need humanitarian assistance this year, according to international aid agencies.

Ethiopia is struggling to cope with the legacy of one of its driest and hottest years on record. The weather, linked to the global El Nino weather phenomenon, destroyed harvests in central and eastern Ethiopia and severely harmed the health of livestock herds in the north. As a result, families face an early start to the annual lean season, which typically doesn’t begin until April. Continue reading Ethiopia Hunger Reaches Emergency Levels