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Eritrea’s Ports, Ethiopia’s Famine – Surely Mr. Cohen

Eritrean ports for camelsBy Berhane Andeberhan (PhD),

Surely, Ambassador Herman Cohen would like to see a quick end to the famine in Ethiopia.  Surely he would love to see the peoples of Eritrea and Ethiopia live in harmony as good neighbours peacefully interacting with each other and even helping each other and sharing their natural resources.  Eritrea and the whole world should come to the aid of Ethiopia and rally to forestall famine and hopefully prevent its recurrence.

Mr. Cohen states that the “Ethiopian famine that is just over the horizon will require the use of Eritrean ports”. The seemingly condescending tone of his “recommendations” appears to go beyond a humanitarian concern and exhibits glaring omissions and glosses over some significant issues.  His suggestions raise many questions that one cannot easily overlook when considering what he must clearly be aware of; namely, the unfortunately complicated situation between the two countries. Continue reading Eritrea’s Ports, Ethiopia’s Famine – Surely Mr. Cohen

UN Starves a Million Somalis on 10 Cents A Day

A million dollar a day for the War but only 10 cents a day to feed the victims of that war.

By Thomas C. Mountain,

The UN announced its budget for feeding the over one million Somali refugees under its care for the next year and have allocated less than 10 cents a day to do so.

Anthony Lake, once nominated to head the CIA, now UNICEF supremo, held a press conference in April 2012 to declare a budget of $35 million for the next year to feed the Somali refugees in its care, over one million and growing by the dayContinue reading UN Starves a Million Somalis on 10 Cents A Day