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The Plight of Ethiopian Migrants in Somalia

In search of a better life, many Ethiopians migrate to Somalia
Unhappy with what life in Ethiopia offered to them, tens of thousands of Ethiopians migrate to Somalia in search of a ‘Better Life’

By Al-Jazeera,

ANKLES deep in brown canal water, freshly plucked green weeds in both muddy hands, Abdi Muse Kalon cannot stop grinning. He says life here has given him a second chance – a better chance.

Risking his life, Kalon walked for more than four months from Ethiopia to get to Bossaso, a port city nestled next to the Red Sea in Somalia’s northeast.

Kalon is one of at least 10,000 Ethiopian migrants who have crossed over from neighbouring Ethiopia and settled on the southern coast of the Gulf of Aden in the past five years, according to local authorities.  Continue reading The Plight of Ethiopian Migrants in Somalia

Over 100 Ethiopian Migrants Return Home

Tanzania and Yemen are the major transit countries for Ethiopian migrants seeking jobs in South Africa and Saudi Arabia. (Picture: © IOM 2014)


SOME 125 Ethiopian would-be migrants that were detained in Tanzania while trying to cross to South Africa have been returned to the country, IOM-Ethiopia reports on Wednesday.

The returnees were held in Tanzanian prisons for more than four months before the International Organization for Migration (IOM) intervened for their return to Ethiopia.  Continue reading Over 100 Ethiopian Migrants Return Home

The “Ethiopian Exodus” that Floods Yemen

Political chaos in Yemen helped the country’s smugglers to thrive using the thousands of migrants from the Horn of Africa who are desperate to use the country as a gateway to Saudi Arabia. In September 2014, for instance, the RMMS reported 12,768 arrivals predominantly from Ethiopia, representing the single largest monthly influx on record. Many of the migrants in the new spike are the same ones that were deported to Ethiopia by the Saudis.

By Sam B.,

THE Regional Mixed Migration Secretariat (RMMS) is again reporting a dramatic increase in Ethiopians fleeing their country from hunger, poverty and deplorable human rights abuses to Yemen. The RMMS core Steering Committee and founding agencies are UNHCR, IOM, DRC, Intersos and the Yemen Mixed Migration Task Force. Continue reading The “Ethiopian Exodus” that Floods Yemen

Malawi Police Nabbed 100 Illegal Ethiopian Migrants

There has been an increase in illegall immigrants from Ethiopia towards to Southern Africa with the assistance of human trafficking syndicates operating in both South Africa and Malawi

By Nysa Times,

MALAWI Police last week  swooped 100 Ethiopian illegal migrants in Karonga near the border with Tanzania who entered the country without authorised documents.

Karonga police spokesperson Enock Livason said the Ethiopian migrants were arrested together with five Malawians who had facilitated their illegal entry. Continue reading Malawi Police Nabbed 100 Illegal Ethiopian Migrants

Sudan Relocates 2000 Ethiopian Refugees From El-Dabba to Contain an Outbreak

Sudanese towns have recently seen large influx of illegal Ethiopian migrants. Recent outbreak of communicable disease such as AIDS and Hepatitis C forced the El-Dabba locality to relocate thousands of Ethiopian migrants as examination results shows they are the most infected.

By Sudan Tribune,

SUDANESE authorities and popular bodies have evacuated two thousands Ethiopian nationals from the locality of El-Dabba in the Northern state following discovery of several Hepatitis and AIDS cases among them.

The commissioner of El-Dabba locality, Isam Abdel-Rahman, told Sudan Tribune that the security committee in the state conducted a random medical examination for several foreigners, saying 6 of the 15 Ethiopian nationals who were examined tested positive for Hepatitis C. Continue reading Sudan Relocates 2000 Ethiopian Refugees From El-Dabba to Contain an Outbreak

Ethiopian Migrants in Yemen Held at ‘Torture Camps’: Human Rights Watch

Ethiopian migrants outside the Migrant Response Centre in Haradh, May 2013. According to the BBC, Ethiopian migrants in Yemen got beaten, raped and burned for meager $250 ransom.

By Human Rights Watch,

TRAFFICKERS in Yemen hold African migrants in detention camps, torturing them to extort payment from their families, with the complicity of local officials, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. Sometimes the torture ends in death. The Yemeni government should vigorously investigate and prosecute human traffickers and members of the security forces involved in the abuses.  Continue reading Ethiopian Migrants in Yemen Held at ‘Torture Camps’: Human Rights Watch