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Over One Million Migrants Enter Europe in 2015

Europe's migrants crisis
The International Organization for Migration (IOM) says the million mark was crossed Monday – marking more than a four-fold increase in comparison with last year.

By Tom Miles | for Reuters,

More than 1 million refugees and migrants came to the European Union this year, while almost 3,700 died or went missing in perilous journeys which reaped huge profit for smugglers, the International Organization for Migration said on Tuesday.

“This is three to four times as many migrants and refugees coming north as we had in 2014, and the deaths have already far surpassed the deaths last year,” IOM chief William Lacy Swing told Reuters. Continue reading Over One Million Migrants Enter Europe in 2015

Politicizing Eritrean Economic Migrants

Besides the preferential treatment from UNHCR and Western countries, economy and better standards of life are what motivates majority of Eritreans to flee the illegally

By Madote,

It sounds like every developing country in the world has economic migrant issues except for Eritrea. This is because when Eritrean economic migrants leave their country, they are falsely labeled as “refugees” or “asylum seekers“. This unfair politicization of migrants is kept in place to induce more Eritreans to leave their country by promising them a quick ticket to the West. Continue reading Politicizing Eritrean Economic Migrants