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The Big Lie Behind the Eritrean Exodus Across the Mediterranean

Glen Ford, Executive Editor of The Black Agenda Report, says there are various nationalities among the boatloads of migrants crossing the Mediterranean claiming to be Eritreans

By The Real News,

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The International Organization for Migration, the UN, Amnesty International, has warned the number of migrant deaths on the Mediterranean Sea this year could surpass 30,000. The exodus from Eritrea has been driven by the Orwellian system of mass surveillance, arbitrary detention, and a brutal system of conscription that amounted to indefinite slavery, said the IOM. It urged other countries to offer protection to Eritrean asylum seekers and to respect the principle of providing refuge to people with well founded fear of persecution. With few exceptions, the UN panel said Eritreans forced to return to their country were arrested, detained, and subject to poor treatment and torture.  Continue reading The Big Lie Behind the Eritrean Exodus Across the Mediterranean

Reviewing ICG’s Eritrean “Exodus” Report

Evidence based critical analysis of the ICG report and its policy recommendationsons on Eritrea Exodus by the Red Sea Institute

By Red Sea Institute,

INTRODUCTION: On August 8, 2014, the International Crisis Group (ICG) published a report on Eritrea entitled Eritrea: Ending the Exodus?

The report expresses grave concern that unsustainable mass emigration of an exceptional nature is taking place in Eritrea as a direct result of the Eritrean government’s policies, while the burden of transnational migration primarily falls upon the downstream nations in the region and Europe. The report proceeds to make specific policy recommendations for “the broader international community, led by the EU and Italy (currently EU president), and coordinated on the ground by the EU Special Representative.”  Continue reading Reviewing ICG’s Eritrean “Exodus” Report