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Fragile Ethiopia!

The state of peace has worsened in Ethiopia today more than any other country

What is the price of peace in Ethiopia? Will Ethiopia go the way of peace through atonement and reconciliation or take the path of civil war and bloodshed?


Following a spasm of violence, Ethiopia faces a critical choice between endemic instability and slow but steady progress toward political reform. The most sensible way forward is to launch a new, genuine dialogue with political opposition parties, in which they are unfairly represented.

In order to create an environment in which such talks could succeed, the regime should take immediate steps to address the human rights crisis, including by releasing political leaders jailed for peacefully expressing their views, and reverse the alarming sectarian polarization that has occurred. Continue reading Fragile Ethiopia!

Fragile States Index: Ethiopia is Facing Failure

Ethiopia is following the path of failed states in the Horn of Africa

Ethiopia’s overall Fragile States Index score has worsened from 91.9 in 2006 to a high of 101.1 in 2017.


Ethiopia faces a high risk of failure due to continued political and social instability in the country, the Fund for Peace reported in its Fragile States Index Annual Report 2017.

Over the past few years, months, weeks and days, security officers have killed anti-government protesters, resulting in more anti-government protests. Continue reading Fragile States Index: Ethiopia is Facing Failure

Obama’s Failed State Policy in Africa

There is a great morale irony in the Obama Administration’s foreign policy in Africa. His choice of double standards by crossing over the strength of American ideals to the weakens of political expediency results in a major Africa policy blunder and disaster.

By Thomas C Mountain,

THE Obama administration must be held responsible for a series of failed or nearly failed states on the African continent. Recently Burundi has been in the news but it could just as easily be Nigeria, Mali or the Central African Republic. Whether the calamities that have befallen these neocolonialist constructions have been intentional or not, the ruination and depredations inflicted on large swaths of Africa amount to what can only be described as a failed state policy.  Continue reading Obama’s Failed State Policy in Africa

Saving South Sudan (Documentary)

Exploring the horrors of the South Sudan’s newest civil war


LAST last year, South Sudan’s president, Salva Kiir, accused his former vice president, Riek Machar, of attempting a coup d’état amid accusations of rampant corruption within the government. Infighting immediately broke out within the presidential guard, sparking what has now become a brutal tribal and civil war that has pitted Machar’s ethnic Nuer loyalists against the majority Dinka, who have sided with Kiir. Machar narrowly escaped assassination, fleeing to the deep bush as Kiir’s troops razed his home and killed his bodyguards.

And now the world’s newest sovereign nation is in imminent danger of becoming a failed state.  Continue reading Saving South Sudan (Documentary)

Don’t Worry about Eritrea, Rather for Your Ethiopia

A Happy, Healthy and Beautiful Kids of Eritrea

By Aron Abraham,

Over the years, Eritreans have witnessed an increased number of Cyber Commentators who have been making a hobby of taking cheap and illogical shots at Eritrea and its people. Basically, there are two groups who seem to be engaged in this activity more than any. Discerning their thin facade reveals their true identity and motives which, although it might not come as a surprise, as all are well known in the Community and people whom they are trying to prey upon, it’s not to be ignored and should be addressed. Continue reading Don’t Worry about Eritrea, Rather for Your Ethiopia