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Ethiopia and the Nine Mini States Solution

Till ‘Independence’ do us part? The poison of TPLF’s ethnic federalism in Ethiopia … designed to create a perpetual disunion of Ethiopia into mini-independent states … by permanently and irreversibly destroy the social glue of tolerance, harmony and understanding that kept Ethiopians united as ONE people for millennia. Time to get rid of TPLF, or …

By Ali Yare | for Ayyaantuu News*

The current uprising in Ethiopia, especially in the Oromia area is likely the beginning of the end of the Addis Ababa regime. After years of oppression and power abuse, the people of Oromia, the largest ethnic group in Ethiopia, took to the streets expressing their anger and frustration openly but peacefully.

Surprisingly, as anticipated by many of us, the regime’s security apparatus responded with bullets and disproportional force. Contrary to what the media is saying, the massive Oromo protest has not resulted from the Addis Ababa masterplan as TPLF officials in Addis Ababa claimed but it has been generated by many years of marginalization and economic disparity. Continue reading Ethiopia and the Nine Mini States Solution