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TPLF Member Fetlework (Monjorino) Removed from Cabinet

TPLF member Fetlework Gebregziabher (Monjorino) from cabinet
The last woman standing. Fetlework (a.k.a Monjorino) Gebregziabher (L), Deputy Chair of TPLF and Minister of Trade and Industry, was one of the two remaining TPLF members within PM Abiy Ahmed’s cabinet. She got kicked out today.


The office of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has today announced a fresh appointments of three ministerial positions. One of the three appointments saw Fetlework Gebregziabher, one of the the two remaining members of TPLF in the Prime Minister’s cabinet of 20, removed from her position as Minister of Trade and Industry. Continue reading TPLF Member Fetlework (Monjorino) Removed from Cabinet