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Botswana Advances Against Eritrea, Henok Goitom Scores on a Brilliant Header

The Red Sea Camels
The newly re-organized and restructured Eritrean National Football team in their first leg match with Botswana in Asmara.

By Bereket Kidane,

The Red Sea Camels failed to advance to the next round of FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia Qualifying matches after losing 3-1 to the Zebras of Botswana in Francistown yesterday. Henok Goitom scored on a brilliant header off a cross pass he received from Yonas Solomon only nine minutes into the game. With the goal he scored in Francistown against Botswana, Henok Goitom becomes the latest football star to score a goal for two different countries in international matches. Henok had previously scored four goals in thirteen appearances for the Swedish U21 team. Continue reading Botswana Advances Against Eritrea, Henok Goitom Scores on a Brilliant Header

Eritrea Vs Botswana: Match Report and Analysis

Regardless of the final outcome against Botswana, it is encouraging to see Eritrea participating in such a significant, globally-renown competition after a long hiatus. In order for the team to progress to the next round, it will be imperative for players to be more creative in crafting genuine goal-scoring opportunities.

By Fikrejesus Amahazion (PhD),

This past Saturday, Botswana defeated Eritrea 2 – 0 at Asmara’s Cicero stadium in the first leg of FIFA World Cup pre-qualifying. Botswana scored a goal early in both halves to take a firm grip of the home and away series, with the return leg to take place in Botswana tomorrow.

Arriving at the stadium nearly three hours prior to kick-off, I was instantly positively struck by the loud, boisterous atmosphere. The stadium was already nearly full, local music and horns were blaring, a plethora of Eritrean flags were being waved enthusiastically, and the surrounding environs were buzzing with chatter full of excitement and anticipation. Continue reading Eritrea Vs Botswana: Match Report and Analysis

After a Long Hiatus, Eritrea Returned to International Soccer Games

Eritrea made a come back to international soccer after a series of setbacks. Go Camels, go and bring back our old glory.

By Bereket Kidane,

Eritrea’s Red Sea Camels lost to the Zebras of Botswana 2-nil at home this past weekend in a FIFA Qualifying match for the 2018 World Cup Russia in front of a capacity crowd at Cicero Stadium in Asmara.

The Camels team that was put together in a hurry last week, a mix of domestic and Europe-Australia-Canada-Sudan-based players, showed lack of chemistry at times but otherwise played a respectable game in a 2-0 loss.

There were some bright spots for the Camels, however. The Swedish-based Senai Berhane anchored a strong defense and can be the Camel’s Minister of Defense going forward. The Captain, Henok Goitom, narrowly missed a goal at the 4:46 marker on a long pass that he received from Senay but otherwise was slightly out of sync and had no help at all from the mid-field. The only real shots Henok took at the goal post were on long passes that came from Senai in the backfield. Continue reading After a Long Hiatus, Eritrea Returned to International Soccer Games

Eritrea Lose First Leg Away to Botswana

Eritrea played great but lost to a better Botswana team.

By TesfaNews,

In there rare international appearance, the Red Sea Camels of Eritrea fell 2-0 at home against the Zebras of Botswana as the 13 first-leg schedule of the 2018 World Cup preliminary round qualifier was completed on today.

The match was played in Cicero Stadium and was settled by a goal in each half. Galabgwe Moyana gave the Zebras the lead midway through the opening half and Joel Mogorosi scored the second midway through the second half. Continue reading Eritrea Lose First Leg Away to Botswana

#FIFA2018: Eritrea Ready to Shake Off the Zebras

CRUCIAL. Red Sea Camels vows to shock the Zebras with a style.

By TesfaNews,

Eritrea will look to grab a crucial victory over Botswana in the 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification (CAF) first leg match at the Cicero National Stadium in Asmara on Saturday.

Kick off is 16hrs00 local time and would be live on ERI-TV.

The Red Sea Camels have been boosted by the World’s football governing body FIFA’s decision to approve Henk Goitom’s request to play for his native country.

The 31-year-old experienced centre forward was born in Sweden, and he only represented the European country at under-21 level between 2005, and 2006.

Botswana ranked 111 and the Red Sea Camels at 202 spot. But FIFA rankings never determine the outcome of any game. After all, the Red Sea Camels are still a closed book to the Zebras technical team. Therefore, it would be suicidal for the Zebras to undermine their encounter. Continue reading #FIFA2018: Eritrea Ready to Shake Off the Zebras

Botswana to Increase Security for Zebras’ Return Game Against Eritrea

Win or lose, they invade. Botswana Football Association (BFA) and police promised to increase security to deter Zebra fans from invading the pitch, during and after the matches, again. Confederation of African Football (CAF) held BFA responsible for a mass pitch invasion last month in Francistown by fans after wining Burkina Faso 1-0.

By Koketso Kgoboge,

In a bid to avoid a repeat of incidents of last month’s clash between Burkina Faso and the Zebras, organisers are leaving no stones unturned for Eritrea’s visit next Tuesday.

Fans raided the pitch while some vehicles were broken into, in addition to traffic congestion to and from the Francistown Sports Complex.

Deputy divisional traffic officer north, Senior Superintendent Pelontle Kesupile said security will be beefed up at the stadium and strict measures put in place to regulate traffic. Continue reading Botswana to Increase Security for Zebras’ Return Game Against Eritrea