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Acute Food Insecurity and Conflict in Africa

Acute Food Insecurity in eastern and southern Africa
Food security crisis in Africa spans the center of the continent from Mali to Somalia. Millions still at risk of starvation into 2017 as consequences of severe El Nino are still felt. NB: Names of countries in conflict are Bold.

By Africa Center for Strategic Studies,

Historic droughts in East and Southern Africa have caused food prices to skyrocket to record levels, doubling the price of staple cereals in some areas. The areas of greatest food insecurity, however, are those affected by conflict. Continue reading Acute Food Insecurity and Conflict in Africa

Miracle or Mirage? Manufacturing Hunger and Poverty in Ethiopia

Executive Summary

As months of protest and civil unrest hurl Ethiopia into a severe political crisis, a new report from the Oakland Institute debunks the myth that the country is the new “African Lion.” The report exposes how authoritarian development schemes have perpetuated cycles of poverty, food insecurity, and marginalized the country’s most vulnerable citizens.

By Frederic Mousseau | Oakland Institute,

By In 2016, food crisis in Ethiopia once again topped the international headlines, with 18 million people reportedly requiring food assistance for survival. The food crisis has been widely attributed to climatic events resulting from El Niño, and presented as an exogenous incident in Ethiopia’s acclaimed economic miracle and double-digit growth rate.

This narrative is convenient for the Ethiopian government. For many years, the regime has used the argument of its economic success to counter the critics of its development strategy and repressive rule. It has labeled organizations such as the Oakland Institute as being ‘anti-development’ after they exposed the devastating impact of its policies on the livelihoods and basic human rights of millions, including many indigenous communities across the country. Continue reading Miracle or Mirage? Manufacturing Hunger and Poverty in Ethiopia

Floods Following Drought Worsen Ethiopian Hunger

Out of the frying pan into the fire. It was failed rains and now flooding to worsen Ethiopia’s hunger crisis. Flash floods complicates delivery of food aid to the 10.2 million starved Ethiopians.


Stuck on a track in eastern Ethiopia, trucks carrying food for the starving are forced to turn back. After one of the worst droughts for decades, the rains have finally arrived, but now only add to the complication of the delivery of food aid.

Flash floods have effectively transformed dry dirt tracks into impassable quagmires, adding to the woes of the victims in remote areas, some of whom have received no help for weeks. Continue reading Floods Following Drought Worsen Ethiopian Hunger