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Fragile Ethiopia!

The state of peace has worsened in Ethiopia today more than any other country

What is the price of peace in Ethiopia? Will Ethiopia go the way of peace through atonement and reconciliation or take the path of civil war and bloodshed?


Following a spasm of violence, Ethiopia faces a critical choice between endemic instability and slow but steady progress toward political reform. The most sensible way forward is to launch a new, genuine dialogue with political opposition parties, in which they are unfairly represented.

In order to create an environment in which such talks could succeed, the regime should take immediate steps to address the human rights crisis, including by releasing political leaders jailed for peacefully expressing their views, and reverse the alarming sectarian polarization that has occurred. Continue reading Fragile Ethiopia!

Ethiopia Ranked 4th Most Fragile State

Hallmarks of Instability. Ethiopia ranked 4th among world’s most fragile states given the increasingly autocratic and repressive leadership and acute poverty as main factors, according to Washington based American Enterprise Institute. Ethnic minority rule is also one of the strongest predictors of state failure.

By ESAT News,

Ethiopia is ranked the 4th unstable country next to The Maldives, Mauritania and Algeria, ranking first to third in that order, Newsweek said on Thursday.

Michael Rubin said in an opinion, which is also published on the American Enterprise Institute, a Washington DC based think tank, that repressive regime and poverty are only two of the factors making the regime fragile. Continue reading Ethiopia Ranked 4th Most Fragile State