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TPLF Working to Destabilize Eritrea

TPLF is doing everything it can to destabilize Eritrea
The TPLF is doing anything and everything to destabilize Eritrea, even after they have been kicked out of Menelik Palace and moved to their sanctuary region in Tigray. What can we do to eliminate this threat once and for all?


Even though the so-called opposition are spreading exaggerated news that “flood of leaflets” are found scattered across Eritrea, but those numbers of leaflets found thrown on the street, and few posted on poles were put by Ethiopians from Tigray who support the TPLF and came to Eritrea as traders, in association with traitors from Eritrea and financed by TPLF. Continue reading TPLF Working to Destabilize Eritrea

The Anti-Colonial Struggle of Eritrea and the Liberation of Ethiopia

Thaw in the Horn of Africa. “EPLF/PFDJ not only liberated Eritrea from imperial Ethiopian colonization but also Ethiopia and Somalia from TPLF hegemony” – Farah Maalim


With the nearly unbelievable sudden rapprochement between the presidents of Eritrea and Ethiopia, hopes and dreams seem to have come through. Hopes and dreams for peace and cooperation between the two neighbor nations and ending the total blockade of communication after 20 years of walking in the desert. Telephone lines and transport lines are opened, so people can meet their loved ones. Continue reading The Anti-Colonial Struggle of Eritrea and the Liberation of Ethiopia

Ethiopia: PAFD Frankfurt Public Meeting and Resolution

PAFD is a political alliance united for the struggle to free the oppressed peoples in Ethiopia and it was been established on the 23rd of October 2015 in the Norwegian capital, Oslo, by five different political organizations, namely: The Benishangul People’s Liberation Movement (BPLM), the Gambela People’s Liberation Movement (GPLM), the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF), the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), the Sidama National Liberation Front (SNLF).

By The PAFD,

The Peoples Alliance for Freedom and Democracy (PAFD) public meeting hosted by Oromo Student Union and Ogaden Community in Germany was held on 9th of April 2016 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

It was attended by two Executive committee members of PAFD, human rights advocators, invited guests, Veteran members of successful liberation movements, representatives of youth and Women and generally by the peoples and nations of member organizations of PAFD. Continue reading Ethiopia: PAFD Frankfurt Public Meeting and Resolution

Similarities of Two Nations: Story Does but History Does Not Lie

Some parallels based on the history of Eritrea and the United States … a reflection on the relevance of history for building a prosperous nation ….

By Dr. Amdetsion Kidane, DBA

On October 26, I posted an article titled “Sanction on Eritrea Continues: A Baseless Decision.” One of the issues I mentioned in that article is the financial burden the United States of America as a new independent nation had to go through due to Embargo by Britain deploying its mighty navy in the high seas to control movement of essential goods to the new nations. As I mentioned in the article, the move by the only superpower at the time inflicted heavy pressure on the new nation similar to one that Eritrea is currently facing.  Continue reading Similarities of Two Nations: Story Does but History Does Not Lie

From University Professor to a Freedom Fighter

Berhanu Nega, a Bucknell University professor gives up life in America to lead the Ethiopian struggle for freedom and democracy

By EthioMedia,

PROF. Berhanu Nega, leader of Patriotic Arbegnoch Ginbot 7 (AGUDM), on Saturday bid farewell to his career as an economics professor here in America to lead a struggle in Africa against the despotic regime in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Continue reading From University Professor to a Freedom Fighter

Dr. Berhanu Nega Joins His Comrades in Eritrea

Welcoming ceremony for Dr. Berhanu Nega (Chairman), Ato Neamin Zeleqe (former CEO of ESAT) and the rest of the leaderships at the Arbegnoch Ginbot 7 (AGUDM) headquarters in Asmara. This is a turning point to the struggle for freedom. The countdown has now officially started.

By Patriotic Ginbot7,

AS YOU have already learnt, our struggle against the minority TPLF-led regime in Ethiopia has reached a crucial milestone at which our comrades have begun paying the ultimate sacrifice.

Armed struggle has never been our primary choice of the struggle. However, after closing all avenues of peaceful resistance, the regime has left us with the only options of either to remain enslaved losing all our civil liberties and freedom on our home land or to fight back and regain our democratic rights. Continue reading Dr. Berhanu Nega Joins His Comrades in Eritrea