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An Arab Alliance Stretches Across the Red Sea

Gulf states have created a loose alliance structure in northeastern Africa, one that weakens their opponents and strengthens themselves.

Gulf states have created an alliance structure in northeastern Africa by cultivating diplomatic, security and trade ties in ways that best suit their individual interests.

By Stratfor,

The rationale behind the GCC’s (Gulf Cooperation Council) interest in northeast Africa is fairly straightforward. Gulf states are compelled to improve their relationships with these countries for security purposes. Installing bases in, and enhancing military ties with, these countries gives Gulf states an added layer of protection against conventional military attacks. (In fact, the United Arab Emirates has already begun to develop military installations in Eritrea.) Continue reading An Arab Alliance Stretches Across the Red Sea

The Ethiopia – Eritrea Cold War Turns Hot

Possible scenarios of hybrid wars in the Horn of Africa

It’s now widely assumed that Ethiopia can no longer provoke a potentially destabilizing conflict against Eritrea given the procedurally shifting strategic balance between Ethiopia and Eritrea as a result of Asmara’s newly christened strategic relationship with the GCC.

By Andrew Korybko | for Global Research,

Because of the unpredictability of the Eritrean government and the opaqueness of the information environment within the country, it’s very difficult to tell exactly what sort of plans might be brewing in the Red Sea state. It can safely be assumed that Ethiopia will not provoke a potentially destabilizing conflict with its former province because it literally has nothing of strategic significance to gain by this, whereas Eritrea has everything of subjective benefit to acquire if it can overthrow its rival’s government, divide its territory into Identity Federalized-statelets, and possibly even repeat the Eritrean scenario over and over again until Ethiopia itself ceases to exist as a geopolitical entity. Continue reading The Ethiopia – Eritrea Cold War Turns Hot