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Harnessing the Geothermal Potential of Eritrea

Geothermal energy development around Alid
UNEP in association with ARGeo started to support Eritrea’s Geothermal energy development around Alid. It also proposes for Eritrea to host the 6th ARGeo biennial conference (ARGeo-C6) next year

By ARGeo,

UNITED Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has thrown its weight behind Eritrea’s vision of advancing clean energy development in the country.

Through the GEF Funded African Rift Geothermal Development Facility project (ARGeo) which promotes geothermal resource exploration, development and utilization in African countries, UNEP is engaged in supporting Eritrea (an ‘ARGeo country’) through the Ministry of Mines and Energy, in the geothermal resource development particularly in the surface exploration of Alid geothermal prospect in Eritrea. Continue reading Harnessing the Geothermal Potential of Eritrea

Red Sea: The Natural Dam of Eritrea

AbstractThe Danakil Depression is located in Eritrea, a few kilometers inland from the Red Sea coast and sinks 120 meters below sea level. This concept paper attempts to explore Eritrea’s ability to develop a hydroelectric and potable water generation capacity from the Red Sea. Unlike many countries with access to seas and oceans, Eritrea is endowed with a natural hydro dam because of its geographical location and topography. The Red Sea can be used as a resource for the production of energy as hydro dam and potable water source through desalination. The availability of cheap, clean and environmentally safe energy and water sources will enable the country to eliminate poverty and stop environmental degradation, thus contributing to reduce or minimize the global warming problem.

Scholar suggests Eritrea can generate cheap, clean renewable and sustainable electrical energy system from the Red Sea

By Hossana Solomon (PhD),


Eritrea is a young nation, only 20 years old since it achieved its independence in 1993. It is located in the Horn of Africa, bordered in the north and west by Sudan, in the south by Ethiopia and Djibouti, and in the east by the Red Sea. It has an estimated population of about 5.9 million and a total land area of some 12.2 million hectares. Its annual population growth is estimated at 2.9 percent [1].

Eritrea is a poor country and faces economical and environmental challenges. Continue reading Red Sea: The Natural Dam of Eritrea