Blinken took the side of the TPLF

US Takes a Stand on Ethiopian Territorial Dispute

By calling the desputed territory as “Western Tigray,” and saying that ethnic Amhara forces were guilty of ethnic cleansing there, Blinken took the side of the TPLF, triggering fears of return to war. At the end of this week, at the 52nd session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva, the Ethiopian government suddenly withdrew […]

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TPLF Rebel Spokesperson Admits Igniting Tigray War

“TPLF undertook a preemptive operation to disarm and neutralize the Northern Command – a move we consider a legitimate act of self-defense.” – Getachew Reda BY SUDAN POST Ethiopia’s rebellious Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) has admitted that it started the deadly conflict that has approximately killed around 500,000 people and displaced more than two […]

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