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UN General Assembly Pay Tribute to Late Permanent Representative of Eritrea

By TesfaNews,

The UN General Assembly holds a minute of silence in honor of the late Permanent Representative of Eritrea to the UN, H.E. Grima Asmerom Tesfay, who passed away on 5th October 2016 at the age of 66, in New York.

On behalf of the General Assembly of the 28th plenary meeting, 71st session, outgoing UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon pays tribute to the memory of Ambassador Grima Asmerom and conveys condolences to the family, government and people of Eritrea.

The following is excerpts of his full remarks:

I join with the General Assembly to convey my deep sorrow for the loss of His Excellency Mr. Girma Asmerom Tesfay who passed away on 5 October in New York.

I express my personal deep condolences — as well as the condolences of the United Nations system — to his family, to His Excellency Isaias Afwerki, President of the State of Eritrea, and to the Eritrean people.

Ambassador Girma presented his credentials as Permanent Representative of the State of Eritrea to the United Nations on 23 April 2014.

He was one of his country’s highest-ranking diplomats. Over the course of his career, he served as Ambassador to the African Union, the European Union, Luxembourg, South Africa and the United States.

A masterful diplomat and negotiator, he showed real dedication to intensifying engagement of the United Nations with his country. This resulted in greater cooperation between the UN Secretariat, funds and programmes and the authorities in Eritrea.

He was a great promoter of multilateralism throughout his life.

I very much appreciated his insights and discussions with me and my colleagues in the broader United Nations system.

His dedication to his country was always apparent but perhaps most movingly symbolized by his unselfish work until the very last day of his life.

Once again, on behalf of the United Nations, I express our sadness as well as our commitment to continue working with the government and people of Eritrea to advance together across all three pillars of our work – peace, development and human rights.

Thank you.


Ambassador Girma Asmerom Embodiment of Valor and Victory

It’s hard to forget someone who gave you so much to remember. Rest in eternal peace Ambassador Girma Asmerom. You will be remembered and celebrated every year along with our martyrs.

By Amanuel Biedemariam,

Ambassador Girma Asmerom’s passing is a great loss for the people of Eritrea. His life was the embodiment of selflessness, bravery, dedication and sacrifices – hallmark of Eritrean grit, stamina and doggedness that propelled the nation to independence against all odds.

Ambassador Girma was there every step of the way to oversee Eritrea transition from arduous struggle for liberation to nationhood. Ambassador Girma wore every hat to accomplish the task of achieving independence and beyond. Continue reading Ambassador Girma Asmerom Embodiment of Valor and Victory

Ambassador Girma Asmerom Passes Away

The late Amb. Girma Asmerom (1949 – 2016)

By Shabait,

Veteran Fighter and Eritrea’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Ambassador Girma Asmerom passed away on 5 October at the age of 66.

Ambassador Girma joined the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front in 1978 after completing his Master’s degree in the USA. He served as a member of the Editorial Board of the Radio of the Broad Masses and Head of TBM Amharic Service.

After serving in the radio program for 9 years, he was transferred to the Foreign Relations Department of the People’s Front and served as Head of the Information Monitoring of African issues until the year 1990. Continue reading Ambassador Girma Asmerom Passes Away

Eritrea Calls an End to UN Sanction, Ethiopia’s Occupation

Eritrea calls for an end to the 14 years Ethiopian illegal occupation of sovereign Eritrean territories and the unjust sanctions imposed for reasons  that are proven today to be false and nonexistent.

By Sudan Tribune,

Eritrea has demanded an end to what it described as the “illegal” and “unjust” resolution sanctions imposed on the East African nation.

Eritrea made the appeal during the High Level Dialogue on Human Rights held on 12-13 July this year, through its Permanent Representative, ambassador Girma Asmerom.

While addressing the general assembly, the Eritrean diplomat said that his country is being subjected to a “serious and collective punishments” deliberately perpetuated against the Eritrean people. Continue reading Eritrea Calls an End to UN Sanction, Ethiopia’s Occupation

Statement by Ambassador Girma Asmerom During High Level Dialogue on Human Rights

By Ambassador Girma Asmerom,

Statement by H.E. Ambassador Girma Asmerom,
Permanent Representative of Eritrea
During the High Level Dialogue on Human Rights
12- 13 July 2016

Thank you Mr.  President,

Excellences,  Ladies and Gentlemen,

Human Rights can only be adequately realized in an envirornnent of peace,  stability and inclusive development. Therefore holding a high-level discussion on human rights as we embark on the new phase of development initiative, the 2030  Agenda for sustainable development is timely.

The Eritrean people’s 30  years armed and political  struggle for independence was a struggle for human rights and economic  liberation. Therefore after independence at the top of Eritrea’s priorities have been the eradication of poverty, ensuring social justice, and building a sustainable development based society in an environment of peace and social harmony. Continue reading Statement by Ambassador Girma Asmerom During High Level Dialogue on Human Rights

Eritrea Signed Historic Paris Climate Accord

Ambassador Girma Asmerom Signing the Paris Agreement in New York representing President Isaias Afwerki.

By TesfaNews,

As many as 175 countries, including Eritrea, China and the US, signed the Paris Agreement on climate change at the UN headquarters in New York on Friday.

Eritrea’s Permanent Representative at the United Nations, Ambassador Girma Asmerom signed the agreement on behalf of Eritrea representing President Isaias Afwerki. Continue reading Eritrea Signed Historic Paris Climate Accord