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GPE Supports Eritrea Achieve its ‘Education for All’ Goals

The Global Partnership for Education (GPE) supports the Eritrean government vision of expanding education throughout the country with a US$25.3 million program.

Education is viewed as the cornerstone of national development in Eritrea. The 2010 National Education Policy states: “Our education system aspires to produce all round citizens along with a firm commitment to country, people and social justice. This aspiration includes the development of creative and productive individuals who are capable of contributing towards the attainment of a modern, competitive, harmonious and self-reliant Eritrea.” (Photo: GPE/Fazle Rabbani)


October 31, 2017 was a happy day in Ghindae, some 35 miles north of Asmara, the capital of Eritrea. That day, community members were laying the foundation for new classrooms.

Ghindae has only one school with 690 students, 7 teachers and five dilapidated classrooms. The GPE-supported program in Eritrea is helping the people of Ghindae to replace the old classrooms with new concrete ones. The program has also provided new textbooks, and trained the 7 teachers. Continue reading GPE Supports Eritrea Achieve its ‘Education for All’ Goals

Ministry Plans To Build 500 Schools Between 2015-2016

DOABLE. After the success of a pilot project in building 67 schools in 100 days, the Eritrean Ministry of Education set out plans to build over 500 more schools in just 700 days between 2015 and 2016

By Kesete Ghebrehiwet,

FIVE years ago in 2009, the Eritrean Ministry of Education in collaboration with different development partners mapped out a program called Rapid Result Initiative (RRI) which was aimed at constructing 67 schools within 100 days, in the six regions of the country –  10 schools in the Northern Red Sea region, 13 in Anseba, 19 in Gash Barka, 18 in Debub, 4 in Southern Red Sea, and 3 in the Central regions. Continue reading Ministry Plans To Build 500 Schools Between 2015-2016

Eritrea Joins Global Partnership for Education (GPE)

Will Work with GPE to get all Eritrean Children into School and Learning

Eritrea welcomes enhanced collaboration and working relationship in achieving the Education for All Goals


Eritrea this week became the latest developing country partner to join the Global Partnership for Education (GPE).

The country has worked with GPE’s partners to articulate its priorities for education between 2013 and 2017. These include a focus on getting out-of-school children into school, reducing class sizes and repetition and increasing learning achievements. The plan also places top priority on the expansion of educational opportunities for girls. As a member of the Global Partnership, Eritrea will join the GPE Board of Directors.  Continue reading Eritrea Joins Global Partnership for Education (GPE)