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Group Recycles Discredited Report to Blame Eritrea

For the sake of peace and stability in the troubled region, U.S. should re-set its relation with Eritrea
FACT: Isolating and sanctioning Eritrea won’t serve U.S. interest in the troubled horn of Africa region


In an article on the heinous terrorist attack in Kenya last week published on the Heritage Foundation website, an ill-informed group of writers tries to recycle disinformation that was universally condemned as baseless and highly politicized in an attempt to tar the young Africa nation of Eritrea as a sponsor of terrorism.

The article, “Kenya Attack: Vigilance Required to Combat al-Shabaab’s Resurgence“, rightly calls for vigilance to combat the terrorist Somali group al-Shabaab that killed more than 60 innocent men, women and children in Nairobi, Kenya, last week.  Continue reading Group Recycles Discredited Report to Blame Eritrea