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The Terrorism Stock Market: Ethiopia and Somalia’s Al-Shabab

What Makes Resolution 1907 Unjust

By Madote.com,

Meles Zenawi’s skills in terrorist price gouging, has inflated the value of Al-Shabab, from a small-time unpopular misfits, who are not even capable of controlling Mogadishu, to an international terrorist organization capable of harming US security. He has nickle and dimed Washington for billions in aid, and has been given a free hand to destabilize the entire region.

The real irony is his illegal invasion of Somalia in 2006 caused the birth and growth of Al-Shabab. What ended up happening for Zenawi is a cash-cow of sorts, where he exaggerates Al-Shabab’s threats and capacity, in order to get a steady-stream of greenbacks rolling in. Over the years, Zenawi has made a complete mockery of the situation and is applying terrorism charges on his domestic fronts, charging many journalists, and opposition members, whom he approved of himself, with ridiculous trumped-up terrorism charges.

The following article will present hard facts that make a strong case as to why Eritrea is being unjustly targeted, even at the expense of America’s interest. Continue reading The Terrorism Stock Market: Ethiopia and Somalia’s Al-Shabab

Hizbul Islam joins Al-Shabaab in Somalia

Hassan Dahir Aweys

By Bill Roggio

Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys, the leader of Hizbul Islam, has merged his forces with Shabaab, al Qaeda’s affiliate in Somalia, after suffering a string of military defeats at the hands of the rival Islamist terror group.         Continue reading Hizbul Islam joins Al-Shabaab in Somalia