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Eritrea Denies Training Saudi-backed Yemeni Militants

Yemeni Militants
Eritrea dismissed Iranian allegation saying it represents a preposterous lie peddled for some ulterior motives.

By Sudan Tribune,

The Eritrean government has dismissed recent reports alleging that Saudi Arabia has transferred some 5,000 Yemeni militants to Eritrea for training in the Red Sea country.

The report released by the Fars news agency (FNA), an Iranian news agency, says that Riyadh is transferring the militants from Aden to Eritrea’s Assab port to go under military trainings and then be sent to the Saudi provinces bordering Yemen. Continue reading Eritrea Denies Training Saudi-backed Yemeni Militants

New Saudi and UAE Diplomacy With Eritrea Ruffles Ethiopia’s Feathers

UNFAZED… while the mad dog barking …

By TesfaNews,

Ethiopia’s marionette Prime Minister, Hailemariam Desalegn, this week told a local newspaper that what the Saudi and Gulf States about to offer to arch enemy Eritrea in exchange for using its water and air space is getting on his nerves. Then he starts to warn both the Saudis and UAE of unspecified consequences if what they are offering is substantial enough to bring economic and other benefits to Eritrea. If not sacred, he clearly sounds jealous.  While, we get used to his routine empty rants, but who does he think he is to warn Saudi Arabia and UAE of anything?

His attack against the Saudis and the Emirati  was based on a recent unconfirmed report by the UN Monitoring Group (SEMG) that alleges the Arab states leased the Eritrean port of Assab for 30 years. Continue reading New Saudi and UAE Diplomacy With Eritrea Ruffles Ethiopia’s Feathers

Former Yemeni President Saleh Declares Alliance with Houthis

The collective punishment of Yemenis for the Houthis’ intransigence will lead to two scenarios: a humanitarian catastrophe and an unprecedented number of allegiance to the Houthis. Despite the pressure, Eritrea will remain neutral in the conflict.

By Al Jazeera,

YEMEN’s former president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, has formally announced an alliance with Houthi fighters for the first time, after the Arab coalition launched two air strikes on his home in the capital, Sanaa.

Saleh, who was forced to step aside in 2012 following a year of deadly nationwide protests against his three-decade rule, escaped unharmed after the attacks early on Sunday.

He was not at home during the bombing, which killed three guards and destroyed three buildings. Continue reading Former Yemeni President Saleh Declares Alliance with Houthis

A Desperate Plea from Ethiopian Refugees in Yemen

By Tedla Asfaw,

MANY foreigners are fleeing Yemen by sea to Djibouti because of the continued and discriminate Saudi airstrikes. I wonder why Ethiopians are not going to Assab which is very close from the Aden port to save their lives.

There is no report so far confirming how many Ethiopian refugees flee to Djibouti. As it happened before, though, Djibouti won’t hesitate to hand over these refugees back to Ethiopia. Those who fled Ethiopia for political reason have, therefore, two choices: Either to dig deep, hide and pray for the bombardment to stop or save themselves by taking the less than one hour boat ride and flee to AssabContinue reading A Desperate Plea from Ethiopian Refugees in Yemen

Yemen: Saudi Arabia’s Vietnam

What will Saudi Arabia do when – not if – things go wrong in their war with the Shia Houthi tribes?

By Thomas C. Mountain,

STILL stinging from their last military humiliation six years ago at the hands of the Houthi tribal fighters in Yemen, the Saudi Arabian royal family has embarked on what is highly likely to turn into Saudi’s “Vietnam”with their latest attempt at invading Yemen.

In 2009 the Saudi military’s incompetence was exposed when their major offensive against the Houthi’s along the Saudi/Yemen border was routed and in the following Houthi counter offensive a large chunk of Saudi territory was captured by the lightly armed Houthi fighters.  Continue reading Yemen: Saudi Arabia’s Vietnam

Press Release: Eritrea’s Stance on Yemen Crisis

Eritrea made its stance on the Yemeni crisis very clear first by denouncing the repeated and groundless allegations of an Iranian support to Houthi through Eritrea.

By Ministry of Foreign Affairs,

THE Eritrean Foreign Ministry today (31) issued a statement that dismissed as baseless a fabricated report, quoting certain Yemeni officials, alleging Iranian support to Houthi through Eritrea.

In the 11-point press statement, the Ministry underscored that the Government of Eritrea has been monitoring such repeated and groundless allegations claiming at one time that ‘there exist Israeli bases in Eritrea’ and at another ‘Iranian bases’.

Noting these unethical and unprofessional acts on the part of certain media outlets, the Ministry’s press statement denounced the practice. It further elaborated Eritrea’s stance regarding developments in Yemen.  Continue reading Press Release: Eritrea’s Stance on Yemen Crisis