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The ‘Ethiopia Rising’ Narrative and the Oromo Protests

Ethiopian security forces have killed more than 400 Oromo protesters and arrested tens of thousands more with blatant disregard for human life. The government and its Western partners are thinking that the outcry will die away, that the outrage will pass. The Ethiopian people in general and the People of Oromia in particular should lose no opportunity to prove them wrong.

By Awol K Allo | for Al Jazeera,

So much for the “Ethiopia rising” meme which Ethiopian authorities ostentatiously promote to camouflage the repressive nature of the state. A new report published by Human Rights Watch on the Oromo protests depicts a disturbing picture of a government that thrives on systematic repression and official violence.

The report, which puts the death toll from the seven-month-long protest at more than 400, exposes the “Ethiopia rising” narrative for what it is: a political Ponzi scheme.

Underneath the selective highlighting of Ethiopia’s story of renaissance and transformation lies a Janus-faced reality in which the triumph of some has meant the utter submission of others. Continue reading The ‘Ethiopia Rising’ Narrative and the Oromo Protests