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The Plight of Ethiopian Migrants in Somalia

In search of a better life, many Ethiopians migrate to Somalia
Unhappy with what life in Ethiopia offered to them, tens of thousands of Ethiopians migrate to Somalia in search of a ‘Better Life’

By Al-Jazeera,

ANKLES deep in brown canal water, freshly plucked green weeds in both muddy hands, Abdi Muse Kalon cannot stop grinning. He says life here has given him a second chance – a better chance.

Risking his life, Kalon walked for more than four months from Ethiopia to get to Bossaso, a port city nestled next to the Red Sea in Somalia’s northeast.

Kalon is one of at least 10,000 Ethiopian migrants who have crossed over from neighbouring Ethiopia and settled on the southern coast of the Gulf of Aden in the past five years, according to local authorities.  Continue reading The Plight of Ethiopian Migrants in Somalia