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Understanding #EritreaAt25: A Crash Course on the A, B, C’s (Part-2)

Eritrea at 25
Here is a second part of the “crash course” series on the “A, B, C’s” of Eritrea, detailing some basics about the country, both to clear up misconceptions and provide a small glimpse about the importance of 25th Independence anniversary.

By Fikrejesus Amahazion (PhD),

Eritrea is on the verge of turning 25. The Independence Torch is winding its way across the country, attracting large, enthusiastic, boisterous crowds and building up anticipation, while small towns and cities are busily and eagerly preparing for the celebration.

For decades, both during the protracted armed struggle and since the country’s unlikely independence, a broad array of analysts, commentators, and observers have inundated us with myopic, inaccurate, bleak, sensationalist, and politically-driven reports, analyses, and condemnations contending that Eritrea: would become (or is) a failed state; is too small or weak to be viable; is on the cusp of demise or implosion (e.g. “it’s going to blow”); is an isolated, hermit kingdom; and is a type of hell on earth. Continue reading Understanding #EritreaAt25: A Crash Course on the A, B, C’s (Part-2)