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Happy Birthday Beloved Eritrea

Happy 29th Birthday Eritrea
Never forget the sacrifices paid to protect Eritrea as a sovereign nation. Happy 29th Independence Anniversary to all proud citizens of this free and glorious nation.


As we zoom in to celebrate the 29th Independence Day of our beloved country, we are reminded of the sacrifice paid by our fallen heroes and heroines and the precious treasure they have left behind for inheritance.

The celebration of our independence day is therefore not only a privilege we enjoy as proud citizens of a free and sovereign nation, but is also an honor conferred for their stoic deeds and heroism as well as the occasion to lionize them most. Continue reading Happy Birthday Beloved Eritrea

Eritrea: Me Before You

“Let me go before you on the road to martyrdom so you can be spared to finish the job behind me”

This is why we say Eritrea is a gift of our martyrs.


Tegadeltis were famous for laying down their lives for each other in an act of selfless sacrifice on the battlefield.  “Let me go before you on the road to martyrdom so that you can be spared to finish the job behind me” was their mantra.

They competed to be among the first ones to advance toward the enemy’s fortification alone (Hijem) or assault the enemy’s tank so that their fellow tegadeltis can be saved.  They were not concerned with living at all.  Their only concern was victory for the Eritrean people. Often times, the last words uttered by a fallen tegadalay before he took his last breath on the battlefield was, “Awet n Hafash!Continue reading Eritrea: Me Before You

September: A Month of Prolific Victories

Eritrea commemorates today 55th Anniversary of launching of the armed struggle. This occurred when all peaceful and legal efforts went unheeded. – @hawelti


September 1, 2016 is the 55th anniversary since the Eritrean struggle for independence began. When the peaceful political struggle for self-determination of the people of Eritrea from 1940s and 50s fell on deaf ears, September 1, 1961 was the day that opened a significant historical chapter of an armed struggle for self-determination. Continue reading September: A Month of Prolific Victories

ብሓደ መስከረም 1961 ፡ ሰውራና ኣዊጁ ጸላኢ ክህረም

ንኽብርን ዝኽርን መበል 54 ዓመት ምጅማር ብረታዊ ቃልሲ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ

ግርማይ በርሀ (ሽካጎ)፡

ጅማር ብረታዊ ቃልሲ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ፡ ኣብ መንጎ ገዛእቲ ክንገዝእ ኢና ክብሉን ተገዛእቲ ከኣ ኣይንግዛእን ፡ ኣሜን ኢልና ኣይንሰግድን ፡ እምቢ ብምባል ክቃወሙን ብዝማዕበለ ናይ ክልተ ኣካላት ጎንጺ ዝተጋህደ ተርእዮ እዩ ። ገዛእቲ ሓይልታት ፡ ናይ ሓፋሽ ህዝቢ እምቢይታ ንምዕጋት “እንቢ ያለ ሰው ጥይት ኣጉርሶው” ብምባል ፡ መሰለይ ንዝበለ ህዝቢ ብምቅንጻል እንዳኣግደሉ ንክገዝኡ ክሓልሙ ከሎዉ ፡ እቲ ናይ ሓፋሽ ህዝባዊ ሰራዊት ከኣ “ቦሎ ቦሎ ነቲ ሰላም ዘይደሊ ወራሪ ሰራዊት ቦሎ …” ብምባል ነቲ ቃልሱ ክሳብ ዓወት ክቅጽሎ ወሰነ ።  Continue reading ብሓደ መስከረም 1961 ፡ ሰውራና ኣዊጁ ጸላኢ ክህረም

You are Eritrean, Who Gave That to You?

The price we have paid for independence

By Mebrak Ghebreweldi,

I JOINED the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front in 1978. After finishing my military training I was on the front line until 1989. With just one exception of the battle of Asmara, I participated in each Ethiopian offensive against us including the battle to liberate Massawa in 1990.

I am sure every former liberation fighter has some event or experience from the war that he or she will never forget. Spending more than 12 years on the front line or communicating from the high mountains above the battlefields is a long time and of course I too remember many events that will stay with me forever. They contributed to defining and shaping the person I am now. Continue reading You are Eritrean, Who Gave That to You?

Mealti Sematat: Eritrea’s Memorial Day

Eritreans honor their Martyrs with pride. As we remember our martyrs, we also honor our veterans since honoring our veterans is honoring the struggle and the sacrifice made for Eritrea.

By Bereket Kidane,

LATER this month, Eritrea will observe ‘Mealti Sematat’ (Memorial Day) for its fallen heroes. Mealti Sematat has become as sacred as the ancient Muslim and Christian religious holidays celebrated in Eritrea. There is a certain sanctity to it.

Collective responsibility is a fundamental principle of Eritrean society. In Eritrea, the idea that we are all responsible for each other and for protecting the country’s sovereignty permeates every aspect of Eritrean life. It is particularly evident on Mealti Sematat because Eritrea being a small country everyone has experienced a personal loss, the country shuts down and people use the day to reflect and pause to honor their fallen heroes. Continue reading Mealti Sematat: Eritrea’s Memorial Day