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Enigmatic Eritrea: Engagement, Investment and Development in the 21st Century


On the occasion of Eritrea’s 26th independence anniversary, the Embassy of the State of Eritrea hosted a forum at a prime location in the city of London under the theme “Enigmatic Eritrea: Engagement, Investment & Development in the 21st Century.

Every year, the Embassy of the State of Eritrea to the UK & Ireland brings together over 50 members of the Diplomatic corps, MPS, MEPs, Mining Industry CEOs, Law firms, Consultants, Journalists, and Academics to address and share information about Eritrea. Continue reading Enigmatic Eritrea: Engagement, Investment and Development in the 21st Century

Why Invest in Eritrea

What makes Eritrea the ideal choice for investments?

By Berhane Woldu,

Eritrea’s Strategic Location along the Red Sea provides ideal exposure to one of the world’s busiest shipping lines and established linkages to other areas of the region and beyond. The port of Massawa is a transit point for goods to the Middle East, European and Asian Markets. The development of the port is poised to bring about potential gains to trade.

The establishment of a Free Port Zone at Massawa is further expected to boost trade prospects within the already established Middle Eastern and African Markets. The Massawa Airport is equally capable of facilitating traded goods in transit to regional and global destinations. Continue reading Why Invest in Eritrea

Audio:`ቁጠባ ኤርትራ ክሳብ 10 ሚእታዊት ክዓቢ ትፅቢት ኣለዎ` ሚኒስቲር ኢንቨስትመንት'ታ ሃገር – VOA (Part-I)

Dr. Woldai Futur

Voice of America

Here is a VOA interview with Eritrea’s Minister of Investments, Dr. Woldai Futur, about the recent revelation by the Economist magazine of Eritrea’s expected 10-17% GDP growth on 2011.