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Eritrea: A Promising Rainy Season for a Promising Bumper Crop

Eritrea is now safely sustain in the drought stricken region by working hard to enhance its national food reserve beyond annual consumption

By TesfaNews,

Eritrea has continued receiving abundant and evenly distributed amount of rainfall since mid of July. Reports coming out from the country indicates rain has continued throughout the country, sometimes with a thunderstorm and an unusual amount of hail, including the one recorded yesterday as the heaviest rainfall the country has ever seen in the past 10 years.

However, getting enough rainfall alone cannot guarantee good harvest. In countries like Eritrea, agricultural activities are mostly associated to rainy season. To mitigate the growing impact of climate change on agriculture and the likelihood of the country to experience a rise in temperature and a decrease in the amount of rainfall over the coming decades, the Eritrean people, which prides itself of industriousness, is working hard as ever to capitalize on rainy seasons to avoid any kind of food and water insecurity scenarios. Continue reading Eritrea: A Promising Rainy Season for a Promising Bumper Crop