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Islamic Militants in Somalia Look to Ethiopia

Somalia islamic state jihadist group ISIS is reaching out to Ethiopia's Muslim community
Somalia based ISIS is reaching out to Ethiopia’s Muslim community in an attempt to take advantage of ongoing ethnic and political unrest.


Islamic State militants in Somalia say they will release jihadist materials in Amharic — a step unmistakably aimed at winning recruits in restive, neighboring Ethiopia. Continue reading Islamic Militants in Somalia Look to Ethiopia

Sudanese Sheikh Dr. Abdul Hai Yousuf, Hands Off Eritrean Internal Affairs

Is this lunatic, arrogantly stupid and ignorant Sheikh form Khartoum University trying to re-invent the wheel? Enough with your hateful preaching against Eritrea!


The Muslim world is going through tough time. Decades of failed policies of western countries, and the tight grip repressive regimes applied on their people have now resulted in the mushrooming of terrorist franchises. Continue reading Sudanese Sheikh Dr. Abdul Hai Yousuf, Hands Off Eritrean Internal Affairs

Eritrea: The Politics of Religion

Any activity that aims to foment turmoil and terrorism in the name of religion – whether in its Christian or Islamic variant; fundamentalist or “moderate” facade, shall not be tolerated.

Downtown Asmara where one finds the peaceful co-exist of different religions, for hundreds of years, while respecting their differences.


The scourge of terrorism perpetrated under the mantle of religion; the upheavals, huge loss of life and destruction of property that it entails are not, indeed, new in the annals of the political history of mankind. But it has assumed new dimensions in this century.

As such, it is breeding instability in various parts of our world; posing as it does a serious threat to international peace and security and causing increasing consternation among powerful and weak nations alike.

The phenomenon accordingly warrants a profound appraisal and serious approach that is commensurate to its gravity.

The purpose of this brief editorial is not to delve into a comprehensive analysis of the subject matter but to highlight some of its relevant features in a concise and skeletal form. Continue reading Eritrea: The Politics of Religion

Eritrea: The Little-told Story of Religious Co-Existence

The Eritrean people have a noble culture of religious tolerance. They have worked very hard to preserve their religious harmony and union, and co-existed in an exemplary way for more than 2000 years.

By Dr. Samuel Mahaffy,

In the capital city of Asmara, Eritrea, an Orthodox Christian Church and a Muslim Mosque stand within a stone-throw distance of each other. But, there are no stones being thrown. The story of the peaceful co-existence of the religions of Islam and Christianity in the Country of Eritrea is an informative story seldom told.

The invisiblization of Eritrea in western media sadly leaves untold an account of a country in the Horn of Africa where the two religions have an ancient history of interacting with respect for their differences. Especially, as conflicts between fundamentalists of both faiths flair around the world, the situation in Eritrea is significant for both the peace building and interfaith communities.  Continue reading Eritrea: The Little-told Story of Religious Co-Existence

The Rise of Islamophobia in Ethiopia

Recent demands have been the most vocal and the most sustained in the history of Ethiopian Muslims. But if they have gone the least bit beyond the scope of religion, then, ironically, they have been overtly secularist.

DANGER – The government’s uncanny response to basic demands has created a new collective consciousness among Ethiopian Muslims

By OpenDemocracy.net,

Many observers have documented the rise in Islamophobic sentiments in many western lands, especially since 9/11. While any collective castigation of a community is as stupid as it is immoral, sometimes it is not surprising.

When innocent people get confronted successively with the shocking facts of sudden loss of life and property by through the actions of certain members of a group of people, the suspicion towards the whole group gets amplified.  Continue reading The Rise of Islamophobia in Ethiopia

Haile Menkarios Engaged to A Sudanese; Plans to convert to Islam

Haile to convert to Islam?

By Al-Sudani,

Sudanese Arabic newspaper, Al-Sudani, reported that on June 26, 2011,  Haile Menkarios, an Eritrean national and United Nations Secretary-General’s Special Representative to Sudan, is reported to have been engaged  in Khartoum to a Sudanese national called Ala Abdel-Majid Ali Hassan.

Ms. Ala is an employee of the UN in Sudan and the daughter of an ex-Sudanese ambassador. Continue reading Haile Menkarios Engaged to A Sudanese; Plans to convert to Islam