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Martyrs’ Day: Remembering Eritrea’s Famous Few

June 20th, Eritrea's Martyrs' Day
The sacrifice of those ‘special few’ is what essentially saved Eritrea from the threat of occupation and invasion. For that, we have unflinching commitment to the unity and sovereignty of the country entrusted by these Martyrs of ours.


On Tuesday August 20th. 1940, in London, Sir. Winston Churchill delivered a speech to the House of Commons. The lengthy speech, although in general was a Milestone account of the Second World War situation as far as Britain was concerned, it was in particular a tribute to the ongoing heroic efforts of the Royal Air Force crews who were at the time trying to quell off the German Luftwaffe in the frenetic battle in the skies over England. Continue reading Martyrs’ Day: Remembering Eritrea’s Famous Few

Rwanda Observes Eritrean Martyr’s Day

“We welcome our Rwandese friends for being with us on this spacial day” – President Isaias

By TesfaNews,

June 20th was the day the people and government of Rwanda waiting to return back their heartfelt gratitude towards the people and government of Eritrea.

As Eritreans all over the world prepare to honor the weighty tribute of their fallen heroes on Martyrs day, the Rwandan government sends its delegation led by Mr. Joseph Karemera, a member of the Executive Committee of the Rwandan Patriotic Front and Chairman of the country’s Assembly, to participate on the event.

However, this doesn’t happen without a reason.

A couple of months back, on a Sunday evening, the Eritrean government, Continue reading Rwanda Observes Eritrean Martyr’s Day