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Eritrea Appoints New Ambassador to Cuba

Formal credentials ceremony for newly appointed ambassador of Eritrea to Cuba

By Shabait,

Eritrea’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Girma Asmerom, presented credentials to Vice President Gladys Maria Bejerano Portela as Eritrea’s non-resident Ambassador to Cuba.

During the ceremony, Vice President Portela asserted that Eritrea-Cuban relations has been steadily growing. She further expressed her country’s readiness to enhance existing ties of partnership with Eritrea in the Health and Agriculture sectors.  Continue reading Eritrea Appoints New Ambassador to Cuba

A Tale of Three U.S. Sanctions: One in Africa, Two in the Americas

In its decade of existence, the AU has little to show for itself. Its “uselessness” is evident not only in its political impotence and economic ineptitude but also in its failure to defend African common positions in achieving peace and security.


A CURSORY view of the responses of the continental organizations to three U.S. sanctions, one in Africa and the other two in the Americas, shows in a stark way the abysmal lack of independence among the African nations in setting their foreign policies.

The nations in question are Eritrea, Cuba and Venezuela. However, this is not about the targeted nations, and the purpose here is not to focus on the sanctions themselves. The focus here is on the responses of the nations and organizations of the two continents the targeted nations represent to the imposition of the sanctions by the United States — directly or through the United Nations.  Continue reading A Tale of Three U.S. Sanctions: One in Africa, Two in the Americas

The Summit of the Americas: Is Africa Watching?

The 7th Summit of the Americas, Panama April 10-11

By Ray Ja,

LATER this week, the Summit of the Americas will take place in Panama. The meeting is being declared historic since it will be the first one attended by Cuba since 1962, when it was expelled from the Organization of American States (OAS), the event’s organizing body. For many reasons, the meeting will bring into clear view the differences between Latin America and Africa.

It will showcase a group of countries that stood by the side of Cuba during years of subversion by Empire. A region that created an organization – CELAC – that bans the inclusion of the imperialists, Canada and U.S., in response to their isolationist policies toward Cuba.  Continue reading The Summit of the Americas: Is Africa Watching?

Human Rights Watch: American Empire’s Favorite NGO

World’s leading human rights group has deep ties to U.S. corporate and state sectors

By Keane Bhatt,

Over more than a decade, the rise of the left in Latin American governance has led to remarkable advances in poverty alleviation, regional integration, and a reassertion of sovereignty and independence. The United States has been antagonistic toward the new left governments, and has concurrently pursued a bellicose foreign policy, in many cases blithely dismissive of international law.

So why has Human Rights Watch (HRW)—despite proclaiming itself “one of the world’s leading independent organizations” on human rights —so consistently paralleled U.S. positions and policies?  Continue reading Human Rights Watch: American Empire’s Favorite NGO