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UN Somali “Surge” vs. Al Shabab Expansion

“Damn those Al-Shabab, Damn all those ungrateful Somalis! has become the West’s not so silent Lament,”  Thomas C Mountain

The lesson never learned in Somalia is you cannot defeat an entire population by force

By Thomas C. Mountain,

In a worrying sign for the powers that be in the west, the Somali national resistance under the umbrella of AlShabab has made its first major breakthrough in the northern region of Somalia by bringing into its folds the Islamic Resistance in Puntland.

With Al Shabab this past year having unified all the major resistance movement in central and southern Somalia and with talks ongoing between Al-Shabab Continue reading UN Somali “Surge” vs. Al Shabab Expansion

A Comprehensive and Enduring Solution for Somalia: Eritrea’s Perspective

The way forward for Somalia is - a Somali-owned and driven political process supported by an honest and effective facilitation process that empowers Somalis and wards off interventions that undermine their efforts.

By Ministry of Foreign Affairs,

For over two decades the collapse of the Somali state has caused untold suffering to the people of Somalia, aggravated regional conflict and instability and spawned problems with wider ramifications.

Over this period many attempts at finding a settlement have been made- some by Somalis, many more by external actors. Whatever the merits or demerits of these efforts, it is undeniable that the Somali problem continues to fester. Hence the need for a sober and honest assessment of past experience and the adoption of a courageous and effective approach that gives primary focus to addressing the root causes of the Somali crisis.  Continue reading A Comprehensive and Enduring Solution for Somalia: Eritrea’s Perspective