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Malaria in Eritrea: Marching Towards Elimination

Eritrea working towards total eradication of malaria before 2030 that is controlling by 2020, pre-eradication by 2023, and eradication by 2030.

Malaria deaths in Eritrea declined from 20% in 1998 to 0.004% in 2013 and 0.002% at the end of 2015.


Malaria is one of the most common endemics in the world. For a long time, it has been one of the most frequent causes of death worldwide. But with time, many developed countries have managed to control or eliminate it. Continue reading Malaria in Eritrea: Marching Towards Elimination

Exploring Eritrea’s Health Success Stories

Eritrea’s achievement in health sector create a promising prospects to child growth in the Sub-Saharan countries: UNICEF report

By Seare Habtemicheal,

The state of Eritrea, in the past couple of decades, has registered a remarkable success in the improvement of the people’s health status through its famous Health-for-all policy.

In just few independence years, the government has made an intensive effort in providing quality and accessible health care system and made a commendable achievement on the prevention of communicable diseases including malaria, HIV/Aids and most importantly immunization of children against the most deadly childhood diseases.  Continue reading Exploring Eritrea’s Health Success Stories