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ZaEr Dolce Vita CEO: “With Peace Grows the Desire for Italy”

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte is about to visit both Ethiopia and Eritrea starting next week. How Italy can consolidate the peace agreement between these two countries for investment?


“In Asmara, people expect Italy to play a role, helping to realize the promises of peace with Ethiopia and to start a path of economic development,” said Pietro Zambaiti, CEO of ZaEr Dolce Vita, the first industrial textile company in Eritrea, speaks with the agency ‘Dire’ about the mission of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte in the Horn of Africa. Continue reading ZaEr Dolce Vita CEO: “With Peace Grows the Desire for Italy”

Where Do You think the Best Shirts are Produced in Africa?

“We can surely sell our beautiful Made in Eritrea shirts to African Customers” – Pietro Zambaiti, CEO of ZaEr Dolce Vita, Asamara


A question: where do you think the best shirts are produced in Africa? The answer may surprise, but it’s probably in Asmara, Eritrea. ZaEr Dolce Vita, the leading textile company in that country produce a middle to high quality men’s and women’s shirts most of which are exported to the European markets. Continue reading Where Do You think the Best Shirts are Produced in Africa?

Reviewing Eritrea’s Economy – Analysis

In order to sustain positive economic momentum and enhance overall development in the country, Eritrea need to prioritize on manufacturing, development of technical and vocational skills, fisheries and Tourism, writer argues.

By Dr. Fikrejesus Amahazion,

According to the recently published Global Economic Prospects, a World Bank Group flagship report, the year 2016 was marked by stagnant global trade, subdued investment, and heightened policy uncertainty. For 2017, a subdued recovery is expected, with receding obstacles to activity in commodity exporters and solid domestic demand in commodity importers. Additionally, weak investment is weighing on medium-term prospects across many emerging markets and developing economies (EMDEs). Although fiscal stimulus in major economies, if implemented, may boost global growth above expectations, risks to growth forecasts remain tilted to the downside. Continue reading Reviewing Eritrea’s Economy – Analysis

Industrialization and Global Value Chains in Eritrea

Eritrea has considerable potential to generate growth in agricultural production and agro-processing, livestock production, fisheries and fish processing, and mining, as well as through the development of small and medium-sized enterprise, tourism and related hospitality services and infrastructure.

By Magidu Nyende and Luka Okumu,

THE Government of Eritrea considers global value chains as one of the main engines for reducing economic volatility and improving growth. Major activities within the value chain are currently performed in the provision of ancillary services, production of agricultural goods, processing, natural-resource extraction, and sales and marketing. The mining sector has been the biggest area of attraction with more than 14 mining and exploration firms from Australia, Bermuda, Canada, China, Libya, the United Arab Emirates and the UK involved.  Continue reading Industrialization and Global Value Chains in Eritrea