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Eritrea: A Brand in the Making

Eritrea self reliance road construction
Eritrea’s secret to successfully overcome challenge after challenge throughout the years has always been mind-boggling to others. But to generations of Eritreans, it has become second nature and a way of life.

By E Abraham,

Seme’eka ሰሚዔካ,” said the Chief engineer in charge of the airport project. “I have also read through the project proposal for the construction of the air traffic control tower (ATCT). I tell you what, it is so damn expensive and you very well know that the country cannot afford such an obscene amount of money at this moment.”

He was chairing a crucial meeting of a group of professionals entrusted with the construction of a brand new airport. The contentious issue at hand was the cost of constructing an ATCT. Continue reading Eritrea: A Brand in the Making

Eritrea’s Free Trade Zone

By Tourism Eritrea,

ERITREA’s future growth and prosperity is based on a market economy, which gives the private sector a leading role. It encourages private investment from both domestic and foreign investors.

In particular, the government in its newly established Free Zone in its ports and in tourism related projects. It offers significant incentives for such investors. Favorable investment policy, in particular, relates to taxes, foreign exchange regulations, labor laws, business licensing and guarantees.  Continue reading Eritrea’s Free Trade Zone

COMESA Promotes Eritrea Investment Opportunities

COMESA Regional Investment Agency Identified Investment Opportunities in Eritrea that have regional impacts

By TesfaNews,

As part of its endeavor to identify and promote investment opportunities with special focus on projects that have regional impact, the Regional Investment Agency (RIA) of COMESA identified the following potential investment opportunities in Eritrea and presented them in summary form.  Continue reading COMESA Promotes Eritrea Investment Opportunities