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Assisting Eritrea with Capacity Building for the Judiciary and Legal System

Sir Cresswell to assist Eritrea's Judiciary and legal systems
Sir Peter John Cresswell, former English High Court judge and currently an Arbitrator and Mediator in domestic and international commercial and business law disputes in both London and overseas gave a lecture to high profile dignitaries in Eritrea on areas that strengthen Eritrea’s judicial system.

By Ruby Sandhu,

Following a Letter of Invitation from the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sir Peter Cresswell undertook a scoping visit to Eritrea in February, with funding provided by the FCO’s Magna Partnership Fund.

A number of preliminary areas of discussion were proposed, namely:

1./ Discussion of laws and a court appropriate to the free port of Massawa (which will serve to attract and sustain international business).

2./ Meeting with legal experts in the Ministry of Justice to appraise the commercial code under revision as well as Eritrea’s maritime laws.

3./ Discussion of specific laws pertaining to arbitration and mediation and the settlement of disputes that may be incorporated into business agreements that Eritrea signs with foreign investors.

4./ Discussion with the Law School in Asmara.

A full programme of meetings with senior judges, Ministers including the Minister of Justice and the Minister for Foreign Affairs, the Attorney General, the Head of the Law School in Asmara, the EU Ambassador, the FCO and others was organised to cover the matters above.

Sir Peter also gave a lecture to a group of mainly 5th year students on methods of dispute resolution for disputes between individuals, companies and states. He visited the Port of Massawa and attended an event organised by the National Union of Eritrean Women (NUEW) which was also attended by a number of foreign Ambassadors and UN representatives.

Sir Peter was the first English judge to visit Eritrea in five years. His visit had been supported by Seble Ephrem, a member of the Eritrean Diaspora living in England and Ruby Sandhu, an English solicitor who worked with the Law Society in the field of business and human rights and both were present at all major meetings throughout his visit.

A formal request has now been received from the Minister for Foreign Affairs for the Foundation to return to Eritrea and assist the Government’s efforts to strengthen its judicial system. It is hoped that the Foundation will be able to procure further funding from the FCO to meet this request.

Ruby Sandhu is the founder and principal consultant at RS Collaboration

Eritrea: Steady Progress towards Better Maritime Service

As part of maximizing the capability of maritime services in the country, Eritrea dispensed more than Nakfa 1.2 billion under the first phase of ports rehabilitation and modernization program

Massawa Port. Eritrea dispensed Nakfa 1.2 billion in the first phase of port rehabilitation and modernization program

By Kesete Ghebrehiwet,

Linking different areas of Eritrea with road networks has been among the success stories which the country is to be proud of. What has been achieved in marine transportation is also not to be viewed lightly. However, unlike to the tremendous progress in land transportation there have been limitations in marine transport as the fairly good infrastructure does not yet correspond to Eritrea’s maritime endowment.  Continue reading Eritrea: Steady Progress towards Better Maritime Service

Eritrea offers Excellent Incentives Combined with Stability and Security: Shanghai Daily

Eritrea’s Free Zone integration and expansion will bring benefits for the country and investors.

Whatever you can find in other Free Zones, you can find it here in Eritrea: Dr. Araya Tsegai

By Shanghai Daily,

Exciting developments are taking place in Eritrea’s free zones, which will make a huge impact on trade and productive output in the country. Like all free zones, businesses based within the Massawa Free Zones Authority and the Massawa Port Authority benefit from excellent conditions and incentives.

The Eritrean government is hoping this new integrated development will attract considerable international attention and business, as it upgrades the port and airport facilities at Massawa and Assab. Given the political and social upheavals in neighboring countries, Eritrea offers stability and security for investors. They also benefit from excellent road and sea links, and Eritrea’s strategic location on the Red Sea trading route — one of the busiest trading routes in the world. Continue reading Eritrea offers Excellent Incentives Combined with Stability and Security: Shanghai Daily