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Eritrea’s Transition to Sustainable Development Goals

Prof Abraham Kidane
Transitioning From Millennium Development Goals (MDG) to Sustainable Development Goals (SDG): What Does It Mean For Eritrea

By Prof. Abraham Kidane,

The Millennium Development Goals Agenda (MDGs) that was heralded by the United Nations in year 2000 formally ends in December 2015, and will be succeeded by the Sustainable Development Goals Agenda (SDGs) beginning January 1, 2016. As you know, development is a dynamic process that should not have a beginning and ending dates. However, I believe that value has been added by the segmentation of the development effort into fifteen-year periods that would enable countries to monitor their progress. The MDGs have enabled nations to speak the same development language, compare experiences, learn from each other’s best practices and innovations, and to march further and together in quest of sustainable development.

As you know, economic growth is a relatively simple concept in that it seeks to enhance quantitative changes from human activity involving factors including capital, technology and organizational and managerial inputs.In a given year, an economy’s growth can be measured as change in gross domestic product (GDP) and GDP per capita. Economic growth is a necessary but not a sufficient condition for development.  Continue reading Eritrea’s Transition to Sustainable Development Goals