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Shrewd and Brutal Zenawi’s Rule Nearing its End

Shrewd, brutal, and a master at soliciting and spending aid money, Prime Minister Zenawi’s 20 years of rule could be nearing its end.

The Rise and Fall of tyrant Zenawi means the rise and fall of the entire EPRDF structure!

By Armin Rosen

Following the news of the past few years, you might get the impression that flamboyance and bellicosity are signature traits of any long-tenured dictator. But for every Muammar Qaddafi there’s a Meles Zenawi, the shrewd, technocratic Prime Minister of Ethiopia.

Inside of the country, he’s known for imprisoning his political opponents, withholding development assistance from restive areas, stealing elections, and cracking down on civil society NGOs. Continue reading Shrewd and Brutal Zenawi’s Rule Nearing its End