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Eritrean Citizens vs. Bloody Mercenaries

Defeating the Eritrean mercenaries at their own game
Eritreans defended the legacy, history, reputation and image of Eritrea. No matter how much the anti-Eritrea establishment invested on some mercenaries dubbed as “activists”, regardless of the power and influence it wields, the people of Eritrea fought back and beat them.


Occasionally, we come across very important revelations that serve as evidence to conspiracies that Eritreans long claimed existed against them. These conspiracies are multifaceted, funded by organizations with deep-pockets and intent on ensuring the success of their agendas no matter what. The obvious questions are: why, whom, when, where and how? Continue reading Eritrean Citizens vs. Bloody Mercenaries

Ethiopia reportedly plans to balkanize Eritrea

TPLF's man on the ground?

Eritrean community in diaspora and rank and file of the Eritrean opposition are demanding answers from the 10 opposition organizations in response to the damaging report posted by Rubanseba.com [opposition Eritrean website].  The ten organizations are Ethiopia-supported and funded members of the opposition umbrella organizations known as the Eritrean Democratic Alliance (EDA).       Continue reading Ethiopia reportedly plans to balkanize Eritrea