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Ethiopian Military Cargo Plane Crashes in Somalia

For the thousands of Ethiopian Muslims who have been savagely beaten, killed and arrested on Eid-al-Fitr day, the crash is simply an Act of God

It took two hours for Mogadishu airport firefighters to extinguish the blaze

By Aljazeera and Agencies,

An Ethiopian military plane has crash-landed and burst into flames at Somalia’s Mogadishu airport, killing four crew members.

The plane belonged to the Ethiopian airforce and sources said it was carrying weapons and ammunition for AMISOM, the peacekeeping mission in Somalia run by the African Union, when it crashed early on Friday.

“It was a military cargo plane and there were six crew on board,” said a security official, who asked not to be named.

An African Union official said two crew members were rescued by emergency personnel and were being treated in the AU military hospital near the base.  Continue reading Ethiopian Military Cargo Plane Crashes in Somalia